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First and foremost, we’re interested in the safety of you and your loved ones when you’re on the water. With more than 20 years of experience and consistently high customer service marks, you can trust our experience to insure your boat. So whether you’re enjoying a leisurely day of fishing or teaching your family to water-ski, you’re ready for whatever comes your way.
Complete coverage stem to stern!
Owning a boat comes with some unique insurance needs. At Nationwide, we can cover your boat and the equipment that goes with it. So a breakdown on the way to the lake, or on the lake, won’t leave you stranded. We make sure you can get a tow in either situation. And if your boat is damaged, we work hard to get the repairs done or provide a rental so you can get back on the water quickly.
Talk with one of our staff about designing a policy that suits your needs:
* Physical Damage
* Roadside Emergency Service
* Personal Effects
* On-water Towing
* Fishing Equipment
Complete coverage stem to stern!

Why is it important for you to have Ohio Boatowners Insurance?
* If your water skis, fire extinguisher, or life jackets were stolen, would you have the money to replace them?
* If your boat caught fire and burned, would you be able to buy another boat? Or, replace its contents?
* If someone was injured while on your boat, could you afford to pay their medical bills?

If you are like most people, the answer to each of these questions is no. You need Ohio boatowners insurance to protect you and your personal property.

Covers your boat hull, motor, and portable equipment against all direct physical losses or damages (except those specifically excluded in the policy) from these and other perils:
* Fire
* Sinking
* Theft
* Hail, Lightning, and/or Windstorm
* Submerged Objects

Also Includes:
* Damage to Property of Others
* Physical Injury to Others.

Certain high-value personal property may exceed the coverage provided by the standard boatowner’s policy. You may add more coverage to protect certain valuables such as:
* Boat Trailer
* Personal Effects
*Replacement Cost Loss Settlement – losses to covered property as settled at the actual cost to repair or replace the covered property with material of like kind and quality with no depreciation
*Safety Device Credit – discounts of up to 15% of the physical damage premium is available if certain safety devices are on board the watercraft. The safety devices that may qualify for the discount include VHF radio, marine compass, depth finder, automatic bilge pump, automatic fire extinguishing system, and burglar alarm system.


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At Roth & Reynolds, we can design a policy to meet your RV needs!
Contact us today for your Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana insurance quote!
Note: The following outline of coverage is for your information only. Please see your policy for exact terms and conditions and exclusions and limitations.
The open road. The open sky. The open-ended nature of the journey. If you’re looking for an Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana insurance quote for your RV, these words no doubt stir a lot of emotions. We at Roth & Reynolds respect and understand the freedom and enjoyment you get from your RV. Look no further for the best policy and coverage for Recreational Vehicles. We will provide you with a feature-rich quote specifically designed for your RV. 

Before discussing coverages, let’s go over the many different types of Recreational Vehicles we can insure:
CLASS A MOTORHOME: The conventional motorhome, a Class A has a custom-built RV chassis, engine, and drive train. The entire vehicle is designed and produced by the manufacturer. Sizes range from 24 to 45 feet long

CLASS B MOTORHOME: Sometimes called a camper van or conversion van, a Class B is built around a traditional passenger van or panel truck, customized with a raised roof, eating and sleeping areas, and bathroom facilities. Typically 16 to 23 feet long

CLASS C MOTORHOME: Also called a mini-motorhome, Class C vehicles can have all the conveniences of Class A, scaled down. Built by the motorhome manufacturer on a traditional van frame, but with a longer, attached cab section

FIFTH-WHEEL TRAVEL TRAILER: Largest of the towable trailers, these multi-level units include living, eating, bathroom, and storage facilities. Having up to three axles, they are mounted semi-truck style directly over a pickup’s rear axle

TRAVEL TRAILER: The quintessential trailer, this unit gets attached to the tow vehicle’s bumper via a ball-mount or frame hitch. All the conveniences of a motorhome, without the motor. As with all towables, the unit can be disengaged upon arrival to allow use of the tow vehicle

TOY HAULER WITH LIVING QUARTERS: A unit designed for the motorized sports equipment enthusiast, these trailers combine living quarters with storage space for motorcycles, four-wheelers, snowmobiles and the like. 

TRUCK CAMPER: These economical units are loaded onto and attached to the bed of a pickup truck. Available in many different sizes and specifically designed for efficient use of space, they combine the best of conventional motorhomes and towed trailers. 

POP-UP TENT TRAILER: Commonly called pop-ups, these small, lightweight units have flexible sides that collapse for easy towing. Primarily designed to be one step up from open-air tent camping, they expand to become quite roomy

PROFESSIONAL BUS CONVERSION: This vehicle is a tour bus chassis on which a Class A motorhome shell is added. The interior is customized to the owner’s specifications and remodeled for motorhome travel, including bed, bath and full kitchen. These vehicles require a commercial driver’s license

MEDIUM-DUTY TOW VEHICLE: Intended to tow fifth-wheels or travel trailers, these larger pickup trucks or vehicles are built on a medium-duty truck chassis and have a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 10,000 – 26,000 lbs.

HORSE TRAILER WITH LIVING QUARTERS: A towed trailer designed to transport horses, these units also contain separate living quarters with all the amenities of a motorhome or travel trailer



– Optional coverage available for RV’s purchased within the preceding 13 months that are less than or equal to two model years old. In the event of a total loss, this coverage will replace the current RV with a new or comparable make and model. 

– Includes all permanently attached equipment, taxes, title and license fees.

– For RV’s over five years old, we will pay the purchase price as reflected on the Declarations Page.

– The original purchase price guarantee can be bought if the RV is five model years old or newer and its current coverage includes Replacement Cost coverage (documentation is required)

– Receipt serves as proof of value


– Must be purchased for Vintage RV’s, Limited RV’s, and vehicles whose value is not available through vehicle look-up software; otherwise coverage is optional.

– Vintage and Limited RV’s must be stored in a locked garage.

– An appraisal completed within the past 24 months will be used to determine value. For vehicles that have been purchased in the past 24 months and that are 10 model years old or less, receipt serves as proof

– For all other vehicles, an appraisal is required within 30 days from the effective date of the policy. For all vehicles over 10 years old, photos must be submitted along with the appraisal within 30 days


– Represents Actual Cash Value of the vehicle today, including permanently attached equipment
– Claims are settled based on the lowest cost option of the following less any deductible and salvage:
1. Actual Cash Value
2. Repair Cost
3. Replacement of the damaged RV

Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability, Medical Payments, and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists is much the same as for Auto Insurance. 

Comprehensive and Collision must be purchased together
Physical Damage Only policies are allowed only on towables. Liability is extended from the vehicle doing the towing.
Includes $1000 of Custom Equipment.
Can only be added or deleted at renewal
May require agent inspection
Pays up to $1000 for the insured’s liability assumed by contract or agreement for fire department surcharges incurred when the fire department is called to save or protect your RV

Optional coverage when Comprehensive & Collision are purchased. From $750 to $2000 is available. Disablement must be more than 100 miles from primary residence. Includes $1500 maximum per occurrence for towing to nearest qualified repair facility or labor on a covered disabled vehicle at the place of disablement. Up to purchased limit per occurrence for trip interruption or loss of use, subject to a $200 per day maximum limit.

Automatically included for no extra premium. For each claim-free renewal, $100 will accrue toward Comprehensive and Collision deductibles. All drivers on the policy must have no At-Fault accidents or major violations in the last five years. Maximum reward of $500. Deductible rewards from a prior carrier may be credited up to $200. 

Safety Glass Replacement: Not available on towables or utility trailers. $100 deductible

Awning Replacement Endorsement: Available with Total Loss Replacement. $250 deductible

Mexico Baja Physical Damage: A Mexican liability policy must be purchased from a licensed Mexican company. Physical Damage Coverage is extended to the Baja peninsula

Replacement Cost Personal Effects: provides Replacement Cost (no depreciation) for loss of or damage to personal property while on board an RV or being carried by an RV. Examples: clothes, portable radios or CD players, cameras, lawn chairs, and dishes. Includes $500 limit for non-owned personal effects.

Scheduled Personal Effects: with an appraisal or receipt, you can specifically schedule valuable items 

Pleasure Use Vacation Liability: Pays up to specified limits for Bodily Injury or Property Damage for which you are legally responsible as a result of an accident that occurs while you’re using your RV as temporary residence

Golf Cart Coverage: pays up to $2500 for physical damage with a $150 deductible


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Note: The following outline of coverage is for your information only. Please see your policy for exact terms and conditions and exclusions and limitations.
CUSTOM EQUIPMENT: With custom parts and accessories becoming a big part of many bikes these days, our policies provide $1,500 of Custom Equipment coverage at no cost when Comprehensive coverage is elected. Additional custom equipment is available for up to $30,000

SPECIAL COVERAGE FOR SPECIAL BIKES: Agreed Value helps you get the right level of coverage for custom bikes, trikes, assembled/kit bikes, and vintage bikes. The value is first set by you and then confirmed by the company

MEDICAL PAYMENTS: Provides coverage in the event of first party injury while operating the covered vehicle

TRAILERS: Physical Damage coverage up to a total value of $15,000 can also be purchased on the trailers you use to transport your vehicles

TOWING & LABOR: Provides reimbursement for towing and labor costs if covered on-road vehicle is disabled. This feature is automatically provided at no additional charge on Harley-Davidsons, touring motorcycles, trikes, custom bikes, vintage, and assembled/kit bikes when comprehensive and collision are elected.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: Provides reimbursement for expenses arising out of an unexpected breakdown on long trips. In addition to covering towing costs, reasonable costs for meals and lodging are also covered. 

BODILY INJURY/PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY: Wide variety of available limits. Guest Passenger Bodily Injury is included

UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED MOTORISTS BODILY INJURY (UMBI): Available in limits up to those purchased for Bodily Injury

UNINSRED MOTORISTS PROPERTY DAMAGE: Available when UMBI is purchased. Not available with Collision coverage. Subject to $250 deductible

COMPREHENSIVE: Fire, theft, vandalism. Can be written without Collision, but must have Bodily Injury.

COLLISION: Includes coverage for helmets up to $2000. Both Comprehensive & Collision coverages may require agent inspection prior to binding. 


CRUISER: Most common motorcycle on the road. Usually a V-twin engine with swept-back handle bars

REGULAR: A basic motorcycle with upright seating for one or two

TOURING: Designed for longer trips or cross-country rides. They have two seats and saddle bags, cargo bins, and other accessories

SPORT TOURING: Using a sports bike base, these bikes are enhanced with saddle bags or cargo bins to accommodate long trips

SPORT BIKE: Aerodynamically designed body with bent forward seating

DIRT BIKE: Designed for off road use with high ground clearance

MOPED: Motorized bicycle

SCOOTER: Two-wheeled vehicle with a step-through frame

TRANSPORT TRAILERS: Trailer designed to transport covered vehicles

CUSTOM & LIMITED EDITION: May take many forms but generally limited production or tailored versions of cruisers or other common
bike styles

TRIKE: Motorcycle that has been modified by professional kit to have two rear wheels

SNOWMOBILE: One or two seat vehicle designed to drive on snow with skis and a track

ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE (ATV) & UTILITY VEHICLES: Four or six-wheeled vehicle designed for off-road riding

GOLF CARTS: Four-wheeled vehicle designed to drive on and around golf courses

LOW-SPEED VEHICLES: Four-wheeled vehicle with a top speed of 25mph, designed for short trips primarily in retirement or other planned communities

DUNE BUGGY: Off-road vehicle with cage style frame designed primarily for dune/sand driving

SEGWAY HUMAN TRANSPORTER: Electric two-wheeled personal transporter were rider stands in upright position

DISCOUNTS available include: Homeowners, Multi-Vehicle, Multi-Policy, Riding Association, and Safety Course
POLICIES are 12-month terms. Seasonality of the vehicles is included in the pricing and coverage is provided all year long. No need to call in the Fall to drop coverage, then call back in the Spring to add. So if there’s that nice day in February, you don’t have to worry about calling us before you go for a ride.

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