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What is the purpose of Life Insurance?

Life insurance is all about making sure your family members have choices in the event of untimely death. Without life insurance your family members may have no choice but to put your funeral expenses on a credit card. Or your spouse and children will have no choice but to move out of the house into an apartment because the mortgage payments can no longer be paid on time.

Life insurance was designed to make sure your survivors can afford the quality of life you want them to have after you’re gone. They can use the funds to pay for a funeral expense, pay the mortgage off, or set up an account for the children to go to college.

How much life insurance do I need? Well that depends on what you’re trying to take care of. Do you want you funeral expense covered or if you are married with young children you need to have your income replaced for typically at least 10 years. The important thing to remember is to have a conversation with a life insurance professional that can help you determine the proper amount since no two situations are alike.

What type of life insurance should I get? Once again that will depend on your particular situation. Term life and permanent life, the two basic types of life insurance, both pay an income tax free death benefit. Term life covers you for a limited period, while permanent life provides lifelong coverage.

Term Life insurance provides coverage for a specific time period, normally 10, 20, or 30 years. The death benefit will be paid if you die within that term. Term life is the least expensive life insurance, with premiums that stay level for the policy’s term. However, at the end of the term you will no longer have any coverage.

Permanent Life insurance comes in several forms to suite different goals and financial circumstances. You Life insurance professional will help you choose the kind that best suits your situation. Most permanent life insurance policies are designed so that the death benefit will remain in force for your lifetime provided regular premium payments are made.

We look forward to helping you with all of your insurance needs. If you would like more information about life insurance, please call us at 513-598-5200.


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Whether you are looking for a full coverage plan that includes vision and dental or if you are just looking for catastrophic major medical, we have a plan for you. In today’s world of uncertainty, one thing you don’t want any questions with is your health. If you become sick or hurt, how will you cover the expense of care?

Contact us and we will walk you through the application process and assess what plan would be right for you.
Insurance costs are high, but not having health insurance can cost more.

There are sensible ways to save money on health insurance, but skipping coverage isn’t one of them. Medical bills from even a minor issue can deplete your savings. A major illness can push you into bankruptcy.

If your employer offers insurance, use it.

Group health coverage, particularly when the employer is subsidizing it, is almost always a better deal than anything you might get on your own, even if you’re young and healthy. If you are not young and healthy, it’s definitely a better deal.

We offer Health Insurance for all cities in Ohio!

Comparing plans is difficult but necessary. We can help!

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a standard health insurance policy. Benefits and premiums vary widely from plan to plan. If you have choices, you’ll have to examine each one closely to find the best deal. We can help you establish the right coverage for you.

The lowest premium doesn’t always mean the cheapest plan.

What your insurance covers is just as important as, and sometimes more important than, what you pay up front. At the end of the day, the cheapest plan is the one with the best price for the benefits you are most likely to use.

Even great coverage can have medical procedures and sicknesses that are not covered.

You can count on your health insurance to offer at least some coverage for a hospital stay. Most policies cover doctor visits, but benefits for many other services, such as mental health, prescription drugs, dental, and optical care, are strictly optional.

You’ll pay additional premiums for more freedom.

Plans with the best, most comprehensive coverage with the lowest co-payment, require you to use a specific network of health care providers, including doctors, clinics, and hospitals. The greater flexibility you demand, the more it’s going to cost.

Look at the provider networks before signing up.

We compile information on the history of individual doctors, hospitals, and the health plans we provide.
You have the right to keep your insurance if you lose your job.
State, federal and other regulations help protect you from losing your health coverage benefits if you lose your job. They don’t offer much protection from high premiums though.

Health Insurance Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Blue Ash, Canton, Cheviot, Dayton, Hamilton, Indian Hill, Toledo, Xenia, Youngstown, Zanesville and all other cities in Ohio!

Working households have much more to think about. If both you and your spouse get health insurance where you work, you must evaluate whether it makes sense to have two policies or for one of you to cover the other. If you have children, you need to decide whose policy will cover them.

Tax breaks help sometimes.
Ordinarily, medical expenses (including health insurance premiums) are not tax deductible until they exceed 7.5% of your income. But, if you are self-employed or your employer offers a flexible spending account, you can get a tax break without meeting the minimum of 7.5% of your income. Please ask your account for complete details.

We can help you wade through the process of selecting the right health plan for you.

At Roth & Reynolds Insurance and Financial Services, Inc, we offer health insurance expertise in helping you select the right health insurance coverage for you and your family or business. We have many years of experience in helping our customers identify what they need while offering them cost effective solutions.

We look forward to helping you with all of your insurance needs. If you would like more information about health insurance, please call us at 513-598-5200.

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