Monday, 26 July 2021


We had storm/wind damage on our roof. I called Jenny and she said an adjuster would be calling soon. Chris Reilly called later that day and came the next day to give an estimate. He approved for a new roof and the roofers started the next day!! I got the check that day also, and by Friday I had a new roof!!! I was very pleased and amazed at how quick and efficient everything went! It was very smooth and proffesional and I am very happy with my new roof!! Thanks for everything and Excellent Job!!!!!

Chris & Carla C, Cincinnati, Ohio


Seriously, your responses are always immediate and helpful! I’m keeping you (and Nationwide)!!

Mary F, Cincinnati, OH


Shirley and I couldn’t be more pleased with all that’s happened so far, including your role in finding us a top-notch company to do the job, and for providing the money to pay for it. Thanks so much for being on our side, as Nationwide has always been.

Will C, Forest Park, OH


Dan Roth was an excellent liason between us and Nationwide. He clearly explained the process and was involved in all aspects from start to finish. His attention to detail and personal followup was appreciated.

Richard A, Cincinnati, OH


Since my claim was reported on a Saturday morning, I was thrilled to receive an immediate response to my telephone call reporting the water damage to my living room ceiling following a very heavy rain the previous night. I was assigned a claim number the morning I reported the damage; my agent put me in touch with a contractor who came to the house within a couple hours of my call; and the adjuster contacted me and scheduled a time to come by and view the damage. Great service from all involved!

Thanks so much for all your help Saturday! I have to say, I was impressed by how fast Nationwide (you) responded; how Nationwide handled my concerns; and how prompt Larry was in getting to the house to check it.

Mary F, Cincinnati, OH


Dan and Jenny, it has been a real pleasure working with both of you. Thank you for your excellent customer service!

Lois V, Union, KY


I want to thank you for all of your help and your concern for Kelly and I. It is very nice to know that we have someone helping look out for us in situations such as this!

Beth R, Goshen, Ohio


Thanks for all of your help with this issue. Lauren and I greatly appreciate it.

Kenny C, Cincinnati, Ohio


Dan, be proud of your company. I contacted Willa mid afternoon yesterday and by 4 not only had she responded with the information I needed, she had forwarded my email to Andrew Donald and he had responded. Nationwide has always responded quickly and professionally. They truly are on our side. When we have needed you, you have been there for us.

Janie D, Cincinnati, Ohio


I was pleased with the immediate service to facilate a speedy replacement ahead of impending weather. Dan Roth’s relentless intrest in the process proved he was concerned with my satisfaction in this undertaking.

Mark S, Cincinnati, Ohio


Dan, Thanks for reviewing our insurance with us this evening. We know we have the best agent.

Jim & Jane D, Green Twp, Ohio


Hi Dan. Just wanted to let you know that I picked my car up Friday afternoon. Everything looks great. I’m very pleased with the repairs. Thank you again for being a great agent during my little accident. Greatly appreciated.

Brandy M, Cincinnati, Ohio


Our claim was not with Nationwide. When my daughter had an accident (not her fault) we went to Dan Roth to help us deal with the other insurande company. He went above and beyond. He contacted the other insurance company while my daughter was still in the ER. He told my daughter to keep a diary. That diary was EXCEEDINGLY helpful 7 months later when we negotiated the final settlement. The out come would not have been the same without it. He told us what to ask, what to watch for. He kept in touch throughout the process. We definitely felt that he was taking care of us.

Janie D, Cincinnati, Ohio


Dan Roth emailed/called to see how the process was coming along. I appreciate his help and concern.

Carrie F, Bethel, Ohio


Both our agent and the claims adjuster were very quick, helpful and attended to our claim with promt response time. They have so far answered any questions we have had and were very polite.

Furia M, Cincinnati, Ohio


Everyone was great, they kept up with my claim, calling to check up on me and the progress that was going on with the Chiropractor

Tonya T, Cincinnati, Ohio


Experience with Roth & Reynolds was excellent. Received very prompt attention and procedures were well explained. Absolutely no complaints.

Doug V, Dayton, Ohio


Dan Roth, my agent, really stepped up to the plate and took control of my claim problems immediately once he found out about my situation. Dan arranged for a Field Adjuster to handle my claim. From then on, things went smoothly Dan kept in constant commuciation with me and followed up with me until my claim for damages and repairs where resolved to my complete satisfaction.

John S, Cincinnati, Ohio


Roth and Reynolds was with me every step of the way offering guidance and assistance. There was always someone

available to help, via email or phone conversation. Everything was handled with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. Which is very appreciated!

The adjuster arrived at the scheduled time, conducted his inspection thoroughly and professionally. He was very detailed and helpful in his explaination of the claim. I was very spleased with the very short time from my first call to Roth and Reynolds to the adjuster finishing his inspection.

Tim K, Liberty Twp, Ohio


I’m so glad you’re my agent….you think of all the little things I forget

Cyndi W, Lebabon, Ohio


Dan Roth and assistant Jenny went above and beyond the call of duty to handle our claim. The first few times the car came back the headlights would not work after the accident. Dan Roth and the adjuster worked together to have the dealer fix the lights properly and accordingly pay for the additional work needed. We truly appreciate them going the extra mile to help get the problematic issues resolved. The insurance company issued us a check for the additional work needed to fix the lights properly, otherwise we could not drive the car at night. The body shop fixed the front end and it looked great, but the lights never worked until the dealer fixed them properly several weeks later. Dan Roth and his adjuster did not stop until our car problems were resolved. We would highly recommend the Roth and Reynolds!

Lori & Chris K, Cleves, Ohio


Thanks, Sara! for the reminder. I didn’t receive an invoice this year, so that’s why I missed the payment. Your reminder saved my day! Jennifer Ochs assisted me today as I made it into your office to make the payment. She was very pleasant and efficient, and truly represents your company very well! Thanks, again!

Gary C, Cincinnati, Ohio


I was…very impressed that it mattered to Dan how my car was and how I was even though the accident wasn’t being covered under my insurance policy. It’s very refreshing to know that I actually do matter as a person and not just being labled as a policy number. THANK YOU!

Susie B, Cincinnati, Ohio


… I can’t thank you enough for all the care and concern you’ve shown during this. I was already struggling with losing my mom. The accident just made things worse. I felt your office went out of the way to expedite things

Janie D, Dent Ohio


Good experience Mr. Patrick and Mr Roth and their staff went the extra mile and went out of their way to help. These are quality people. The service they render is outstanding

Roger G, Delhi Ohio


I was impressed at the promptness with which the matters regarding my Truck and Gail’s automobile was handled. Went smoother than clock-work. Thank you very much.

William G, Batavia Ohio


Dan – I appreciate your utmost concern and aggressive ways of handling this claim.

Jeff H, Harrison Ohio


“Roth & Reynolds Agency truly values their relationships with their customers. They posses several important keys to maintaining long term relationships. Roth & Reynolds offers Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Incredible customer service and treat their customers as good friends.”

Alissa P, Green Township Ohio


“Everyone has been very professional, courteous but also personable & Friendly”

Kim I, Green Township Ohio


“Wow! Thanks for the reminder. I’m impressed. I need to get you the information we talked about. I have just been busy. I will try to get this to you this week. Again, thanks for the reminder. Tell Jenny you deserve a raise.”

Todd W, Bridgetown Ohio


“the reason I stay with Dan is his dedication and commitment to his customers. It is comforting to know Dan is only a phone call away if the situation or need occurs.”

Chris R, Montgomery Ohio


“After meeting with you and feeling very comfortable talking to you, we decided to let you have the information you needed to give us a quote. You were so prompt in getting back with us and we were very happy to find out that not only could you save us some money but you also would be increasing some of the coverage.

You also need to be patted on the back for your follow up. Many times after all the paperwork is signed and everything has been completed you don?t hear from the person again. This has not been the case with you and we appreciate that. We like to feel that we are important to you and your business and that our business is appreciated. We have felt that way with you.”

Bonnie S, Batavia Ohio


We have always had very courteous and prompt service. I would recommend the Roth & Reynolds agency to anyone.

Tom & Jennifer A, Green Township Ohio


Our family continues to continually understand why we have been life long customers.

James D, Green Township Ohio


Dan, Wanted you to know you’re willingness to go above & beyond the call of duty is greatly applauded and appreciated. You are a very special man. We are blessed to have you as an agent and a friend.

Jennifer H, Delhi Township Ohio


This being my first claim I was surprised to find out that my insurance paid the claim, and was so concerned about me. My car looks great. The only thing bad was I hit a deer.

Marjorie K, Norwood Ohio


Hi Dan – hope all is well. I sent Jenny the e-mail below and I also called her to see if it was OK to give out her e-mail. Just wanted to give you a heads up below – my co-worker should be contacting Jenny today. And also wanted to let you know how great Jenny has always been!!! I’m sure you are already fully aware of this. Thank you both again for everything – I’m glad we have our new home, my car and now both of my husband’s vehicles all thru you!

Tiffiney M, Cleves Ohio


A Big Thank You for speedy service

Robert J, Cincinnati Ohio


Your offer of your car touched me, and it is why I have stayed with you since you started, that is awesome, but of course I won’t take you up on that. Wait, what kind of car is it? jag…lexus?….FERRARI???…nah, we will use our kids cars until they need them back……

Gary W, Price Hill Ohio


Well thank you so much, and thanks Dan for all your help when I had the wreck…it all worked out well and I stopped in to get the pamphlet to keep in the car if it happens again…lets hope not

Kathy A, Cincinnati Ohio


Hi Dan – I picked up my car last night. I’m very pleased with the repairs, the only issue was the gold Toyota emblem on the front of the car was replaced with a silver one (the Camry name and Toyota emblem on the rear of the car are in gold). The body shop said Toyota no longer makes the gold emblems, so I realize that’s not their fault. I’m very happy with the service they provided and particularly with the support I got from you and your office. Thank you so much Dan and Happy New Year!

Joanne M, Harrison Ohio


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Seriously, your responses are always immediate and helpful! I’m keeping you (and Nationwide)!!
Mary F, Cincinnati, OH